Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New Topic Voting!

Let's vote on a new topic. 

This topic can go on for a while but I'd like to keep this blog alive!

Please leave a comment saying what you'd like to do or if you have other suggestions please suggest away!

1. Dinosars vs ________(fill in blank)

2. Game of Thrones characters/environments

3. "Magic Card" Sample
      - Item
      - Character
      - Creature

4. Nature Warrior


  1. mmmm... any of the later 3 sound good. Could be fun to do items and creatures??? also characters and environments from the newer game of thrones books, so its content we havent already seen portrayed on the show?

  2. Do you guys have suggestions for creature or items we could do illustrations for?

  3. Alright, executive decision.

    Create an illustration of a creature of your own design. Give it a name and a short description, it's design should reflect on it's environment and it's evolutionary history. No meaningless spines and weird things coming off it unless there's a reason for it.

    Try to keep the illustration constrained to the specifications of a "Magic Card" as if we were commissioned to do a creature design for them, that's a 3x2 horizontal image.